I personally prefer the the good category. Usually those products are a bit more expensive than the crap category – but even that is not the case every time.

I was shopping for a new USB memory stick only a few days ago. And just before that, while having the daily press overview in the solitude, I had came across with an ad about a very well priced 8Gb stick in the physical junk mail. Ok, so I went to the store – just an ordinary home electronics store – thinking that the inexpensive stick will most probably have a sticker on it saying that I need a latest Windows with a service pack that is going to be released in October 2011. But no! And add the WOW effect here!

As you can see from the accompanying picture Kingston had really done a great job. Instead of saying that the stick works with Win95osr2 and above, they had actually included a full list of compatible operating systems – just the way every company should do! I am giving Kingston ten out of ten points for this. I happily purchased two memory sticks, one for my own use and one for my wife's use. For the clarity I think I should here add that we are both happy Ubuntu Linux users in our laptops.

Nowadays, I my opinion, every peripheral manufacturer should do exactly as Kingston had done: a) make clear declaration about the compatible operating systems and b) take good care that their devices work in all major OSes. The days of only-windows printers, adapters, scanner and so on are definitely over.

So what's the best way to ensure that this is going to happen? It's simple. You as a consumer should not ever buy a peripheral or other add-on device that requires you to possess some specific operating system or requires you to use “this and that appliance” to be able to benefit from the device. And trust me there are always those good category products available to choose from!

Double the sales
By the way, if Kingston had not printed the complete OS list to the package, I would most probably have purchased another brand memory stick. Or if no options would have been available, I'd have purchased just one stick to be sure that it works. And then later go back to the store for the other stick – or not, I am lazy.

- Jukka -

PS: Oh yes, the Kingston's memory sticks I purchased work perfectly!